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Figurative Oil Painting: Capturing Life on Canvas

January 15 to February 12 (Mondays), 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Eastern Time

This beginner-to-intermediate figurative oil painting course will guide you through creating one complete painting over the course of five weeks, introducing you to five core concepts of painting along the way. Each weekly class will feature a slide lecture, pre-recorded demonstrations with real-time commentary, and individualized critiques of student work.

We will focus on the figure and

explore how it can serve as a fun way to play with shapes and geometry on the canvas. We'll slow down and pay attention to the figure in a way that we often don't in our busy lives. The details of the figure's posture, their clothing choices, and the atmosphere they exude all tell us so much about the person we're painting and provide a deeper connection to our shared human experience.

Throughout the course, we'll also discuss the Neurobiology of Learning (based on Anders Ericsson's research) and how to apply it to our painting practice. We will use photos or a mirror during the course.

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